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About me...

Yoga felt like an incredible lifeline of support during an incredibly difficult time.  I was never one to prioritize fitness or mental health, but I embarked on my journey to learn more about yoga, past the physical benefits, and received an incredible blessing for myself + my entire family.  I was desiring to find more peace and love—for my body, mind, and soul.  Yoga has given me the ability to believe that I have the right to be exactly who I am, making me more available to myself and others, which is something that has impacted every aspect of my life.  When I’m not practicing yoga, I devote my time to my supportive husband, Ty and 3 children and their activities.  It has been an honor to have my family witness me become more confident, competent, and strong.  I will be forever grateful.  Among many things, my practice has taught me to be gentle with my soul.  Patient with my growth.  And kind to my mind.


Our goal is to provide a safe space for you to heal and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually by gathering and strengthening our community through a wide variety of Yoga and Wellness practices. 
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