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Hi, I’m Annika! I am a licensed massage therapist (LMT), and the owner of In-Tune Touch. Always in search of an adventure, I completed my 600-hour massage therapy program in Costa Rica!


My mission as a massage therapist is to facilitate wellbeing in the world by listening intentionally to my clients and their bodies, as well as my own. I strive to create an experience of grounded and genuine support for people to relax and tune into their bodies. My massage style incorporates a blend of Myofascial Release (a type of slow, deep tissue massage), craniosacral therapy (a gentle, non-invasive combination of positional and energetic therapy), trigger point therapy, and basic Swedish massage.

Outside of work, I love to travel (think budget backpacker), read (The Book Thief and Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life are two of my favorites), and explore outdoor activities (hiking, wakeboarding, surfing, skydiving–I will try most things once). 



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